Saturday, December 05, 2015

Winter Has Come

It's already December! I don't want to believe the year is almost over. But I am excited we're going to have many fun events soon. I hope to post bentos regularly again next year.


Scrambled eggs --- A bit of salt and sugar.
Chicken soboro --- Minced chicken thighs, stir-fried with shoyu, mirin and sugar.
Edamame beans


Teriyaki chicken --- Chicken thighs marinated in shoyu and mirin for hours in the fridge, then broiled.
Bell pepper salad --- Blanched, sliced, tossed with salt, sesame oil and sesame seeds.
Carrot stir-fry --- Stir-fried with bacon, salt and pepper.
Curry chikuwa --- Sliced, microwaved, tossed with mayonnaise and curry powder.
Tamagoyaki --- Eggs and edamame.


Gyoza (pot stickers) --- Leftover.
Shoyu tamago --- Boiled eggs soaked in shoyu.
Pork --- Blanched, rinsed, cooked with maitake mushroom, shoyu and mirin,
Green --- komatsuna and daikon greens chopped, stir-fried with shirasu, sesame seeds and salt.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Mushroom Season

I'm so happy mushrooms are in season right now. I really am a big fan of mushrooms so I've been eating them every day lately. Speaking of mushrooms, I sometimes see someone put raw mushrooms in their bentos. Actually they don't taste that good and we always eat them cooked.


Spinach --- Blanched, rinsed, tossed with salt, sesame oil and sesame seeds.

Glossy chicken --- Simmered in shoyu, mirin and sugar.

Carrot shirishiri --- Stir fried with oil, an egg, salt and black pepper.

Konnyaku --- Cooked with shiitake mushroom slices, dashi shoyu and mirin.


Salted sockeye salmon --- Broiled.


Shiitake mushrooms --- Sautéed, seasoned with mayonnaise, salt and shichimi pepper.

Pork --- Dusted with starch, sautéed, seasoned with shoyu and mirin, sprinkled with sesame seeds.


Monday, November 02, 2015

It's Been A While

Belated Happy Halloween! We didn't do anything special for Halloween as usual though. These days, Hubs and Yuppi leave home much earlier in the morning and sadly, I can hardly take bento photos. I know, I should get up earlier and yes, I should post bento more often for myself. This blog is still a special place for me, while I started another blog a while ago because I thought I wanted to write something in Japanese. If you are interested in reading Japanese, please take a peek.

These are my recent bentos.

Rice --- Topped with salted sockeye salmon and edamame beans.

Chikuwa tempura --- Tempura batter (flour, carbonated water, curry powder and salt). Deep fried.

Omelet cubes --- Eggs, bacon. Ketchup.


Rice --- Mixed with scrambled egg, edamame beans and salt.

Broccoli --- Quick braised with a bit of water and oil and salt, and some shirasu (teeny tiny fishes). One of the best ways to eat broccoli.

Pork slices --- Blanched in simmering water, rinsed, tossed with shoyu and mustard. My fave way to eat pork.

Potato carrot kimpira --- Stir fried with oil, dashi shoyu, mirin and sugar. Sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Noodle Bento

bento 2015-08-30 0710
The time I make noodle bentos, it's when I sleep in or run out of rice. The first one above, salad men (cold ramen noodles with a salad dressing), I first boiled shrimp, pork slices, eggs in order, and then prepped veggies. Then I boiled ramen noodles, rinsed, drained, then dressed with a bit of sesame oil and made it into mini swirls for easy eating. I added a mini container of creamy sesame dressing later. This is not a quick bento, it takes some time to prepare all the items, but each of them is so easy to make. You can prepare everything except noodles the day before.

bento 2015-08-26 0708
For this one, I thought I'd make yakisoba, but I only had spaghetti. With that, these are *yaki-spa* bentos. I seasoned the noodles, veggie and pork with oyster sauce, shoyu and usuta sauce (Worcester sauce). Thin pasta is a healthier alternative for yakisoba noodles, because yakisoba noodles are usually coated in oil, while pasta has no oil or additives. What's more, it doesn't get as soggy.

bento 2015-07-31 0752
At this time I didn't have time to cook rice in the morning and decided to make naporitan pasta for bento. Unluckily I only had a bag of fusilli, but good thing, short pasta is much easier to eat than long one when it's cold. Especially fusilli is hard to stick together because of that shape. You know spaghetti (and other noodles) tend to get clumpy or mushy unless you eat it immediately after cooking. So that means short types of pasta are bento-eater-friendly, right?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

End of Summer 2015

Just wanted to say Hi and let you know I am doing well. It looks like the short summer is over and we are heading to winter already, how time flies!! Today I made for bento, sweet salty shoyu chicken, corn and red potato tossed with salt and butter, cabbage and carrot tossed with ume and mayo. These white-rice-looking things are noriben (nori layered rice). Just as always only simple dishes included.

bento 2015-08-25 0728

bento 2015-08-25 0730


Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Home Alone

I'm now at home all by my self as the family is out of town. I am officially free free, woo hoooo! I'm so happy, but at the same time I feel kind of sentimental, thinking that in 3 years, Yuppi might leave home for college. This is the first time I feel this way. I never felt lonely when she wasn't home for a while for school trips or something. Child-raising time is much shorter than you think. Many thoughts and emotions are coming into my mind. I wonder how many bentos I can make for her in the future? Though, I really want to avoid a situation that I have to make her bento (and meals) forever haha!

Anyway I gotta make the most of ME TIME. Happy summer break!

bento 2015-07-15 0631

bento 2015-05-22 0736

bento 2015-05-20 0716

bento 2015-05-18 0707

bento 2015-05-14 0744

Monday, August 03, 2015

Keep on Bento

The calendar has turned into August. Can you believe it?! Christmas is coming soon?? We are still having humid, rainy weather and it feels like the rainy season is still lingering around here in Hokkaido. I'm so missing the crisp air. In the meantime, I keep on bentoing, yes, keep on making, keep on packing, keep on eating of course haha! Hmmm maybe I have a lot to speak, but for some reason, don't know where to start. I'll be back soon. Happy summer!!

bento 2015-07-27 0711

bento 2015-07-29 0708

bento 2015-07-17 0701

bento 2015-07-24 0716

bento 2015-07-16 0708