Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bento Fad

2014-06-09 0841
This photo shows how gloomy in the morning it's been lately. The weather makes me feel uncomfortable because we had an unusually gorgeous spring this year. Though, it's not so bad to hear the sound of rain fallin'.

2014-06-10 0818
This is the type when I don't have anything decent in the fridge hahah! You know, sometimes this type can be better than intricate bentos. In particular, kids actually like it. I don't think bentos always have to be well-balanced or contain colorful foods such as greens or tomatoes.

2014-05-29 1129

Lately, I've actually been feeling kind of lonely because many of my old bento buddies don't seem to be bento-making anymore. Or dose it just look like they've lost their motivation for blogging? As time goes by, their environment and daily routines will change, I understand. I've seen many bento enthusiasts move past the bento scene so far. Is it just me or did the bento fad fade away, if there was something like that out there? I know, I believe that there are still lots of people who keep bentoing consistently and down to earth. Oh well my bento making will continue forever and ever, haha! It's not temporary addiction or obsession, just part of everyday meals to me. Ah don't get me wrong, I don't mean to judge or complain in any way. I'm just missing my bento mates.

2014-05-29 1130

By the way, aren't you forgetting something? Did you know that Everyone's Bento Gallery is always open? You can entry more than once. Why not display your own favorite (which doesn't have to be elaborate or fancy, practical ones are more welcome, and mobile photos as well) on the gallery so everyone can see it?

Duck 3
If you are an actual bento maker you are always welcome!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ups and Downs

2013-06-28 0910

2013-06-28 0902
This bento is from last year, which probably I haven't posted yet. Yuppi made it herself. I remember I was so glad to see her making a bento because she hadn't made anything for a while then. Maybe she and I were having a bit tough time around the last year, together struggling with something, trying to get out of the situation we were in, it was not that serious though. I actually can't really remember what I've been doing the last couple of years. All I can say is that time went by so fast while we were dealing with those days. Thankfully things are a lot better now. Cherish and appreciate every single day, today will never come back, I've been telling my self. Otherwise I will soon forget it, I am so dumb.

2014-06-02 1028_02

2014-06-02 1028

2014-05-29 1127

2014-05-29 1123

2014-05-29 1028

2014-06-02 1048

2014-05-27 0928

Friday, June 06, 2014

Soba, Ramen and Something

Hello there! It's almost summer over here. Oops we're going to have to go through the rainy season before summer. Anyway I'm about to take a hiatus for a bit from my flower-shooting adventure due to the hot weather lately. No worries, as I said earlier I have lots and lots of flower pictures left to post that I've been shooting and saving over this spring LOL! Though, I thought it would be boring if I posted similar things in a row, so I decided to upload pictures of foods we've eaten out recently. They are all typical Japanese foods you generally eat out.

2014-05-31 1416
Soba noodles with veggie and chicken breast tempura. You know what, they serve fresh ground, kneaded and of course fresh boiled soba, which you could rarely find. 

2014-05-31 1410
Besides, it was an amazing space that an old classical Japanese house reused as a soba restaurant. Calming, comforting and nostalgic. Unfortunately no photos of the room interior though.

2014-05-31 1411
Tendon, a bowl of rice, and tempura dipped in sweet salty soy sauce.

2014-04-27 1927_01
Soup curry, a bowl of some fried veggies and simmered chicken or meat in spicy hot, delish curried soup. This is one of our local foods.

2014-04-27 1927
You dunk a spoon of rice into the curry soup then eat.

2014-04-25 5
Shiro miso ramen.

2014-04-25 7
Wantan men, a bowl of basic ramen topped with some wonton dumplings.

2014-04-23 4
Omuraisu (omrice), fried rice with chicken, onion and ketchup, covered or topped with an omelet with plenty of ketchup on. Kind of a comfort food to me that reminds me of my childhood.

2014-05-30 0818
I don't forget to post bentos of course, because this is a bento blog heheh. For this bento, I made asparagus salad, chilli scallop with scrambled egg, and fried chicken tender, for which I dressed some chicken tender pieces with yuzukosho (citrus and chilli-flavored salt) and then fried. To top it off I sprinkled it with a bit of yukari (a salty herb topping).

2014-05-28 0808
This one is the kind that I whip up and throw in when I don't feel like thinking this, that and the other for bento lol. But I was kind enough because I fixed a mini pouch of misoshiru. Yuppi puts the content of the pouch in a soup cup, then pours over hot water from the pot at school. Anyone interested in this cute, delicious miso pouch?? If requested it'll be fun to share something about it.

2014-05-26 0733
So, what's in this? Can anyone detail it instead of me? I am truant right now.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lily of The Valley

I was going to post plum pictures, but lilies of the valley are in full bloom right now. I couldn't help but share the pictures of these teeny tiny, lovely flowers. They make my morning every day.

This is how they started opening up around the beginning of May.
Suzuran 01

Aren't the little buds so cute?? I really really love the shape of these flowers. They look so precious and cute through the lens.
Suzuran 02

Suzuran 05

Suzuran 11

Now they are the most gorgeous I have to take pictures of them every day.
Suzuran 13

It's so difficult for me to photograph the white flowers and do justice to their sweetness and delicacy though.
Suzuran 08

Suzuran 15

Suzuran 10

Today I have enough time to chat. So nice to share the details of what I made. This is an omrice bento as you see. You think it's a familiar omrice? This one is a bit special. Guess what, it contains lots of shrimp besides meat!! Needless to say, you might already be aware because there is some shrimp on the egg sheet haha! I have a fave restaurant which offers a variety of foods such as hamburger sandwiches, curry, pasta, katsudon, sweets and so on. They also offer a variety of omrice. One of them has some shrimp in it, which is Yuppi's and my favorite. So I sometimes replicate it at home.
2014-02-26 0835

For this bento, I made rice rolls with sausages in them, which I call hotdog musubi, Yuppi's favorite. It tastes just like spam musubi. I think it's easier to make a hotdog musubi than a spam one. I'll post a short instruction sometime soon. The rest of this bento, I made ham-wrapped egg salad and fried chicken tender.
2014-05-20 0849

This contains chicken karaage, boiled egg halves with mayo drizzle, simmered carrot flowers and shiitake, and ketchup pasta as a space filler and stabilizer.
2014-02-27 0838

For this one, I made carrot salad tossed with grain mustard and olive oil, lemon-flavored broiled chicken thigh and mixed rice. I first braised some scallop and shiitake mushroom with a little butter and salt. Then mixed it into steaming rice. I think it's one of the easiest way to prepare tasty, flavored rice for bento. You can make the *MIX* for your mixed rice the night before, then only have to add it into rice in the morning. That sounds way easier than to make fried rice from scratch, right?
2014-02-28 0817

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ume Blossom

Today I'm going to be posting some ume pictures. Hey, is this, by any chance, going to be a flower photo blog?! Nope! Both LOL! Now the sakura and ume are almost over, but we had the wonderful blossom season until pretty recently because the blossom movement reaches here way behind Tokyo. I got to see beautiful ume, sakura and plum blossoms, and some other lovely wild flowers when going to my favorite forest like 10 days ago. Do you know the difference between sakura and ume? There seem some differences, but about it, I will write next time heehee. Well, I have to say this! Bentos! These are ones I made a while back.

2014-03-05 0834

2014-03-25 0753

2014-04-02 0848

Ume 1

Ume 2

Ume 3

Ume 4

Ume 5

Ume 6

Ume 7

Duck 2
Hey there! Let's hang out!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Spring Has Come 2014

A quick post to let everybody know that I am still alive! Haha. Doing great! I have been busy, going through everyday stuff, making bentos, shooting spring flowers and what not. Of course I've been missing blogging so much. Really have tons of stuff to write and share on here. I'm actually much more into photography than before. There are quite a few flower pictures I've taken lately. We are just in the most gorgeous season of the year, appreciating all kinds of spring flowers coming up in order. Unfortunately I've had a hard time sitting on the computer and organizing my pictures. That's why I haven't posted in ages. Anyway I will be coming back soon. Here is what I've been doing lately!

2014-05-15 0747

2014-05-14 0810

2014-05-13 0815

2014-05-12 0746

2014-05-12 1122

2014-05-11 0757

2014-05-08 1051

2014-05-02 1305