Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Rest of 2016 Bento Part 2

I made these bentos quite a while ago. I don't remember exactly what I made for them, but you'll find out what my bento food routine looks like if you see them carefully. It's actually my food rut rather than routine LOL. Cheese omelets with ketchup (I like to have it in my bento for some reason). Folded or boiled eggs (I don't want to eat tamagoyaki/omelets every day). Chicken karaage (Yuppi's very favorite). Cucumber pickle (it's good except for winter). Teriyaki or fried salmon (when it's in season). Chicken or pork saute (I'm not big on beef). Potato or sweet potato salad (I could eat them every single day!). Ninjin shirishiri (it's a nice bento dish and I want my family to eat more carrots). By the way, I rarely use lettuce or mini tomatoes as a bento divider or accessory (though, I secretly want to use them because they fancy up my boring bentos LOL).












Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Rest of 2016 Bento Part 1

I officially got into the swing of things today. Before my 2017 bentos go, let me post some of my 2016 bentos I haven't done yet.

Hainanese chicken rice styled bentos --- Steamed chicken on beds of rice. Corn on the cob, cucumber, mini tomatoes and boiled eggs as garnishes. A sauce of shoyu, doubanjiang, vinegar and sesame oil for the chicken and garnishes. Sweet potato salad for a side.

Naporitan udon and summer veggie salad. Creamy sesame dressing for the salad.

Ume gohan (rice mixed with umeboshi, shirasu, sesame seeds). Cucumber pickled in dashi shoyu, mini tomato pickled in onion dressing, bacon scrambled eggs and chicken tsukune with okonomiyaki sauce.

Thermal jars of curry, rice, potato salad and a stir-fry of kikurage, shirataki and satsumaage.

Crispy chicken karaage, honey teriyaki salmon, ham egg salad, broccoli with mayo, mini tomatoes and mashed kabocha squash.

Ketchup chicken rice topped with cheese omelets. Grilled corn on the cob and curry flavored potato edamame salad.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Hello 2017

Belated Happy New Year everybody! This is my very first bento this brand new year, made with some leftovers from our New Year's foods, not as gorgeous though. I'm not a big fan of Japanese traditional New Year's dishes (Osechi), but at least make our favorite ones every year. I didn't photograph them as I was too busy. Sorry if there is anyone interested in our osechi. In the bento are kuromame (sweet black soy beans), nishime (simmered root vegetables, shiitake mushrooms and chicken ), omelet pieces (naruto, bacon, green onion) and a shrimp dumpling (store bought).


Thursday, December 22, 2016

Of Course Bento Going

Happy winter everybody! It's late December, believe it or not, LOL. Crazy... I hope you're all doing great and having a lovely holiday season. I've been having a hard time shooting decent bento pictures due to the gloomy winter weather lately. But needless to say, my bentoing is going to continue next year.

On beds of rice, kanikama omelets with sweet salty sauce thickened with flour instead of starch. Boiled cabbage tossed with dashi shoyu and sesame seeds. Pickled cuke.

Carrot kimpira. Spicy grilled chicken. Miso-mayo grilled salmon. Omelet slices (kanikama and green onion).

Sweet potato walnut salad. Spinach and bean sprouts tossed with salt, sesame seeds and sesame oil. Chikuwa egg stir-fry. Onion-shoyu chicken. Chinese cabbage pickled with salt and umeboshi.

Salted salmon and a stir-fry of daikon greens on a bed of rice. Shio (salt) chicken karaage. Spinach tossed with dashi shoyu. Lotus root tossed with mayo and umeboshi.

Cookie factory
Yuppi's cookie factory is working at full capacity LOL. Merry Christmas y'all! --- In case I can't do the next post soon. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Summer Bento

Happy fall everybody! The summer has gone. How time flies, really. My summer bentoing is almost over, and is about to switch to an autumn version. Here is a roundup of my latest bentos. They contain lots of summer vegetables. These veggies are still available to buy, but you can't get delicious ones anymore because the season is over, sadly enough. It's cold these days. Looks like winter has set in. Plus, we've had too many typhoons already!






I'll leave with pictures of cosmos I took recently. So pretty, right?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bento Collage and Taiyaki Bento

Bento Collage

Happy summer everybody! We are having a real hot summer these days. Since our summer is relatively mild here in Hokkaido, I think this heat will end soon. In the meantime, I haven't taken bento pictures that much lately, but just started to be motivated for bento shooting again. These are some of my recent bentos, but I needed to collage them because they all looked boring individually, lol.

I forgot to put this one below into the collage. These mini taiyaki are actually buttermilk pancakes (with no anko filling of course). It was a bit hectic that morning, cooking the pancakes (ended up cooking more than a dozen from one batch, I did work hard! Lol). But it was totally worth doing because it's so much fun if there is a funny and weird face like this one in your bento box, isn't it?

bento 2016-07-31

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Omuraisu Lover

We love omuraisu. It's so easy and quick to make I often make it when I don't feel like thinking what to make for bento. Omuraisu FTW!!

Yuzu kosho karaage, pickled cuke and a stir-fry of egg, chikuwa and edamame.

I forgot what I made for this bento LOL.