Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bento Pile Part 7

This is a bento I made today, which contains fried cod, ketchup pork, broccoli stem stirfry and a boiled egg with mayo, which happened to be twins!

2014-02-12 02
This one contains salted sockeye, tamagoyaki with kanikama in, soy-sauteed shiitake and gloss-simmered chicken. They are not fancy but good with rice.

2014-02-12 01
Matryoshka has the same foods as the bento above. She is rooting for Sochi Olympics with us.

This contains a fried chicken drumstick, an omusubi, tonpeiyaki (kind of okonomiyaki without flour, i.e. cabbage pork omelette), and panko-fried cod.

A bento before packed. Please guess what these foods are, somebodyeee!

This is what you make when you don't have time to cook rice, or even bread stock.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Bento Pile Part 6

Long time no see, again! I am alive lol. Although I don't think there is someone who worries, I'll never quit this blog as long as I make bento. I'll keep on going slowly like a snail haha. Yes, at my pace. While I was away from here, 2013 turned into 2014, and now it's already February. I just must say this, Belated Happy New Year!! Is that too late? Ugh! Gong Xi Fa Cai!! To those who celebrated Chinese New Year. Is that only a bit belated? Ah well, we spent the New Year's holidays safe and sound anyway, and had Setsubun (a bean-throwing event) recently, and you know the chocolate factory project is coming soon. Plus, Girl's Day celebration next. I can no longer stay relaxed. Time flies supersonically! Therefore, I think I want to record each moment of life by taking snapshots as much as possible. Hopefully I will post them sometime. Here is a pile of what I have made lately.







Bento Pile Part 5

Hi there! It's that time of year, again. Yes, DECEMBER, the end of the year!!!! The rest of my 2013 is going to fly SO fast! How is yours?? Plus I got another year older in the meantime. That's a very unthankful tradition to me LOL. I'm not even ready for Christmas, though, that's alright I'm not a Christian, hehee. Well, recent bentos I made. I'd like you guys to guess what foods are in these bentos. Hope you find it!




2013-11-27 0




Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bento Pile Part 4

Oh my! How long has it been since I declared that I'd be back to regular blogging soon? The computer, software, bento pictures and my new glasses. Everything is ready, really. However I've had a hard time sitting before the computer. So I nearly forgot how to write in English, haha! I think I must be back here as soon as possible before I totally forget English! Anyway unfortunately I don't have much time for babble now. I'll leave with some bentos, and will be back sometime soon.

Bibimbap rice, thermo jars of piping hot egg and wakame (seaweed) soup. Bibimbap --- carrot, spinach, pork, moyashi sprouts.
2013 -11-20 0

2013-11-20 1

Meatballs, tomato omelet, sauteed kabocha squash, boiled broccoli.
2013-11-13 0

2013-11-13 1

Homemade white buns, slices of herb-grilled chicken, boiled eggs and veggies, and jars of hot veggie soup.
2013-11-12 0

2013-11-12 1

Yuppi made most of the foods and I packed them. She has tried to make some money by making bentos. That's her job for now. There is a problem, can I complain?? She makes bento foods from scratch every morning without any prior prep. She gets totally exhausted after cooking and has no energy to do anything else. I have to do packing and the dishes instead, sigh. I hope that she can pull her weight soon and I can be comfortable and lazy having tea while she's working LOL!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bento Pile Part 3

I know, you may be tired of my familiar bento posts, but it goes on for a while. So please be prepared, lol! It doesn't look like I can catch up with the bento pile. Oh well I hope to get all the stuff done and share pictures of something other than bentos as well like how I used to do. Maybe sometime soon!

Salted salmon bento.

Potato korokke bento.

2013-09-03 0
Ramen salad bentos.

2013-09-03 1

2013-09-13 0
My special chicken bentos.

2013-09-13 1

2013-09-11 0
Hamburger stew bentos.

2013-09-11 1

Monday, September 09, 2013

Bento Pile Part 2

My summer passed by so fast while I was struggling with my computer trouble. Now we are getting into the delicious autumn. Here I'm sitting and looking back over the bentos I made in the summer. I have enjoyed making a variety of bentos, thinking what foods I (or my fam) want to have in bento, or I should put in. At the same time, I have tried to see what type of photos I want to take or can take with the camera stuff I have on hand. My photography is minor-changing day by day because most of my photos are still not my type. I love bento pictures as much as real bentos. My little challenges and adventures will continue!

Chicken katsu (breaded chicken with sauce) and what you see.

A bowl of sekihan (sticky rice with sweet azuki beans) and some sidedishes.

Hotdog rice rolls and usual sidedishes.

2013-07-12 02
I love making bread for bento. Sammies with pan-cooked English muffins are my favorite these days.

2013-07-12 01
Slices of my special (just saying) terini chicken along with some vegetables. Dry curry along with boiled egg slices. Honey & butter which is hub's fave.

It's every time fun to think what to do on bread bentos with packaging for easy-eating and fancy-looking, huh?

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Long Time No See!

I miss you all, and hope you all keep happy-bentoing and cooking. I'm finally back into the normal Internet environment wooo! It was such a long, winding road so far lol. Anyway, after some bumps and detours, I can play around with my pictures and new computer at last. I made lots and lots of bentos in the meantime and have tons of stuff to talk about. So I have no idea where to start lol, but here are some of bentos I made during the blog hiatus. It's so nice to be able to use a variety of fresh vegetables in bento since it's just the season here. We've been relishing those summer veggies every day.

Ebi mayo (shrimp with a bit sweet mayonnaise sauce), and what not.

This one is for me.

Omuraisu (ketchup-fried rice wrapped in a thin omelet) and summer veggie salad.

Pork and egg fried rice, and usual salad with homemade mayonnaise.

Two omusubi with okaka-ume in, karaage and a boiled egg.

Kimpap (Korean rolled rice, not Japanese makizushi).

Hiyashi ramen (cold ramen noodles with sweet, salty sour shoyu sauce).

There are a lot more bento pictures to share. I'm going to resume regular-blogging soon!